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Magic Mirror Mounts for Can-Am Spyder

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Simple product, easy to fit, designed to allow for easy removal and refit of Can-Am Spyder RT mirrors. We advise that the mount be installed by a professional. Fitting instructions will be included with product.

One set contains both a left and a right side mirror mount.

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Tethers are now supplied with this product and their fitment is recommended.



 Follow link below for how to videos

Magic Mirror Mounts on YouTube

Install Instructions

Ensure you use appropriate personal protection equipment (Safety glasses etc).
Remove both mirrors from bike from the bike:
  1. Remove uppermost Tupperware screws from both sides and discard the large 6 mm washers. Refit the bolts. Leave loose for tether fitment.NOTE  tethers are now  supplied with kit and are recommended.
  2. Unscrew the 3 mounting pins from the bike using 13mm spanner or shifting spanner. Remove 1 magnet from the roll. Keep separate after removal.
  3. Build ONE magnet pack. On to the 6mm screw place the SMALL washer supplied in the kit, then the magnet, then the LARGE spacer,discard the white spacer between the magnets.
  4. Using hand tools only, screw this assembly in place of the mounting pin previously removed. Nip the screws up only. Do not over tighten!
  5. Repeat for the other 2 mounting pins.
  6. Make sure the top magnet sits flat. It will overlap the Tupperware tab but not hold it.
At the mirror:
  1. Remove the 3 receivers.
  2. Using the same screws fit the steel petals.
  3. The 2 bottom petals are the same but the top petal is different. It also has a left and a right petal marked L and R.
  4. Make sure the screw head sits inside the recess in the screw hole. Nip the screws up only. Do not over tighten!
  5. Fit the tether to the mirror .This is now supplied in the kit, then fit the mirror.Attach the tether to the top tupperware screw or to the clip provided.
  6. Bring the bottom close first then push the electric connector away into the mouse hole before allowing the top to close.
  7. Check mirror sits evenly all round.If you are not happy with the front gap,then you can remove the spacer under the front magnet or shim the front magnet until you are happy with the gap(10mm magnets only and only adjust the front magnet.The 2 rear magnets must have the spacer under them.)
  8. Finally check for any interference of the analogue temperature gauge.
  9. If you find the analogue gauges are affected then you may have success with this method……remove the 3 magnets(right side)….bring the bike up to operating temp…refit the top magnet while watching the gauge(temp)..if its too high then flip the magnet over..the gauge should read slightly lower than normal…repeat this procedure  for the other 2 magnets……repeat for the left side.Both gauges will read slightly lower than normal.Removing both analogue gauges and replacing them with other gauges/switches, is another option as the system should revert to the digital gauges inside the dash panel.





Job done!

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