Some feedback quotes from those using the Magic Mirror Mounts.


Russ a very big thankyou. My thoughts so far re the install even though I haven’t taken my bike out for a ride.
Instructions very helpful and precise, me being a visual person pics would be nice. I know they are here on this page however included in the instructions would be great.
Wow, handling the magnets is an art, sliding them apart works not pulling, also when they are apart in your hands they tend to fly from one hand to the other if your not careful with great force. I can attest as I have a small blood blister on my little finger. Another tip, assemble bolts and washers before fitting to your bike as they are difficult to remove if you place them incorrectly. Fitting the mirrors is a breeze once all the hardware is installed and they are firm with no wobbles.
So they get my big thumbs up , thanks Russ a true gentleman to deal with.

I’m in the process of trying to get an ‘installation’ series of pics up, but my iPad & PC aren’t talking well with each other atm & the upload keeps stalling out!! Still, as soon as I can get the upload to work, I’ll put it up and you can all see how bloody simple the whole Magic Mirror Mount solution is, how easy they are to install, and how well they work!! I’ve done a few rough road runs & a couple of high speed runs since they went on, & they are rock solid – in fact, more solidly mounted than the OE mirror pellet thingies, & I have less vibration visible in the mirrors at all/any speeds & on any roads (yes, I do & have ridden my Spyder at speed on a couple of dirt roads with them on too!!) :thumbup:
Until I can get the install outline up, I can really only add a very great bigTHANK YOU to Merlot for putting in the effort to pull these Magic Mirror Mount Kits together and providing us with such a simple & simply brilliant solution to the fiddly BRP Mirror Mounting system!! Particularly for those of us with hands that hurt &/or don’t work wonderfully anymore, this kit makes removing/refitting your mirrors a breeze!! (In fact, get them, & I betcha you won’t be able to resist playing with it & clicking them on & off just for the fun of it!!) When you see how easy & simple it all is, you’ll be gob-smacked that the BRP Designers didn’t think of something this simple & elegant in its execution originally, and yet it’s something that works soooo bloody well!! :cool:

If you’ve ever cringed at thumping one or both of your mirrors to get them off; fiddled around trying to get them back on without them ending up flopping all over the place; or worse, had one fall off cos the bloody dealer busted the pellet & then tried to hide it with a wad of 100mph tape jammed in the hole :knupple: these Magic Mirror Mounts make it sooo easy & painless to take them off & put them back on (you can do either with one hand!!) but they still hold the mirrors on sooo securely, then you really should get them. He’s probably not going to make more unless there’s interest, so if you want to give Merlot (Russ) your details & register your interest in getting a production run set/kit, just call/msg him on +61488 onefiveone six four four & he’ll add you to the list (& then give me grief for publishing his phone number!!) But they really do work sooo bloody well, they’re just too good not to do it!! Go on, you know you really want to!! :thumbup:


Just a few notes that might help you with your install:

1). The magnets are Precision Devices, don’t play with them, don’t test your pacemaker’s ‘Faraday Cage Protection’ with them, see if your watch really is anti-magnetic, or even see if you can make them jump across the table, they can & will hurt YOU when they act as projectiles & they might be brittle enough to hurt themselves if they hit anything while flying around, and besides, getting all the red dirt (which is largely iron oxide – commonly called rust!) off them once you’ve dropped one in the dirt is a bloody pain; so just leave them on the roll until you need to slide one off and fit it onto your Spyder. Do you really need to ask how I know to recommend you do any of this?? :dif01:

2). The magnets are bloody strong, don’t ‘test fit’ them without all the screw & washer assembly in place – put the screw in the hole the right way & the washer/s in place before taking the magnet anywhere near its mounting position; when it clicks into place it really won’t want to come off & do NOT whatever you do try to lever it off, slide it over to the wiring hole & pull it halfway over that first in order to lessen the grip it has on the metal behind the mounting panel, then pluck it off with your fingers. Do you really need to ask how I know to recommend this?? :dif01:

3). Just follow the instructions & make sure you mount them with the countersink the right way up – taking one off to turn it over & put it on the right way is a bit of a pain – see above about how well they stick and sliding it over to the wiring hole. Do you really need to ask how I know to recommend this?? :dif01:

Now that I’ve told you all about the things that I did wrong (deliberately did wrong of course, just for quality control & testing purposes – you don’t really think I’d just stuff up like that accidentally do you?!? :scared: ) here’s a few more things that might just come in handy…

4). You don’t/won’t need to tighten the screws or allen keys down very tight, just nip ’em up by hand gently – the magnetism will ensure they don’t come out/off without the need for massive torque or tension, & in fact, if you tighten them too much you may never be able to get them off due to the magnetism adding to the grip!! In fact, only use hand tools – even your little battery operated drill has enough extra torque that it might strip a head or tighten things too much & then you’ll never get it off!!

5). Keep all the bits, screws, pellets, springs, etc in a bag when you take them off so that this entire installation is completely reversible (so long as you haven’t stripped a thread in the plastic due to over tightening a screw into the plastic!) so that you can take it off this Spyder if you ever decide to upgrade to a newer model & then you can take your Magic Mirror Mount kit with you to the next Spyder!

What else?? I’m sure to come up with something, so keep an eye on this thread, I’ll throw it up here once I remember! :blush1:


I have been over a few rough roads, taken them up to 135 Kph on the freeway, done a couple of sudden panic breaking stops so that the ABS kicked in with not any sign of movement from the mirrors.

For me the Magic Mirrors are a BRILLIANT Modification to the RT Spyder and like the Centre Windscreen arm are a must for every RT Spyder.

So while I agree that a tether is a good idea as a ‘security device’, it needs to be shorter than the indicator wiring, and it’s just a ‘fail-safe’ for the extremely unlikely/infrequent event that something knocks your mirror hard enough for it to fully part company with the Spyder!! :thumbup:
Hi Russ. I got a bit confused re right and left hands,and wasn’t sure whether I should face forward or backwards.Anyhow,took a punt and stood facing sideways. All went well until removing the third magnet from the roll, it slid off perfectly with the nylon washer. I put it on the workbench,turned my back and the b…. thing leapt six inches and affixed itself to the remaining roll of three magnets……..through the bubble wrap. It popped the bubbles very quickly then settled in quite comfortably.Would it slide off without the washer? No way. In the end I had to place the last of the magnets in a vice with thick wooden jaws, then I was just able to push the top one off using both thumbs. To cut to the quick ,one mirror done,works like a dream. Next one tomorrow,then a decent ride. Warning…….keep a close eye on those magnets,they have a life of their own.
michael m
I now Have Magic Mirrors Installed With Help From Russ.
I Think With A Bit Of Talking In Between It Took About 15 Minutes A Simple But Clever Like Most Great Things.
Now A Tether To Make Up Just For Peace Of Mind Really.
Thanks Russ For Help And A Great invention.
Cheers Stuart. :ok:
Finally got a ride in and did about 250 ks over fairly rough bitumen back roads and can only say wow, no loose mirrors or wobbles just perfect clear vision. Possible interference from the magnets when my SENA S20 headset was only set to intercom however listening to music I couldn’t detect anything. So Russ a big thankyou.

Finally fitted the MAGIC MIRROR kit today with Stu guiding me on the first one, second did the fit while Stu was doing some mods to the repaired fender assembly.

Took all of 10mins, if this ol fart can do it anyone can, simply put the kit is a work of art.

Thanks Russ your efforts are much appreciated. Tethers absolutely unnecessary, well done Russ. :victory::yahoo::ohyea:

Regards Mike :wheelie::biker:

Hi Russ With the help from Stu my bike is now back on the road, to my surprise I didn’t even have to readjust the mirrors for riding position.

Just adding a bit of feedback on these Magic Mirror Mounts – they really are bloody fantastic!! I just recently had a full grown (but formerly adolescent) Magpie commit ‘suicide by Spyder‘ on the RH mirror, & the mounts just took it all then clicked back into place!!

Travelling at about 110kph (honestly officer! :whistling:) this Magpie was playing on the road, & when it took off (late) I adjusted aim to pass behind it, but at the very last moment it changed its mind & reversed course – straight into the outer edge of the RH Mirror!! I thought for a moment that it was going to mean I’d need a new mirror, but NO, the bird hit the end of the mirror & knocked it backwards (but the mirror didn’t come right off) & when the bird headed west (leaving bloody bits on the mirror back & on my jeans) the mirror just flicked back into place!! Scratch one Magpie (I went back & checked – it was dead! :unsures: ) & the blood smears simply wiped off the mirror back (hadta wash my jeans tho!) Bloody Brilliant!! :banana::bananadevil::great:


PASTAPOWER on spyderlovers forum

Russell Culley’s Magic Mirrors are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Wow! Received the Magic Mirror mounts March 29th & immediately had to put them on. Order # 941
Instructions were perfect as was Russell’s video. It was a breeze to install, super easy but what an incredible difference!

One day while driving back home from a Can Am dealer after warranty work, my RT side mirror fell off dangling by the harness as I was doing 55mph. Luckily I was able to pull over & rescue it from falling off. Found out that the BRP tech boogered up & broke the top mount obviously when he tried to put the mirror back on.
Up until then I never took the mirrors off before as the bike only had 900 miles on her. I have taken the mirrors off myself since numerous times and have boogered up a few top mounts myself trying to get them on correctly & even then the mirrors always felt loose & made me nervous.
Not any more now that I installed the Magic mounts.

BRP should be envious as these mounts are well planned masterpieces to say the least!
Every Spyder RT owner should have these, they are definitely worth the small investment. They are now by far my favorite addition/improvement to my RTL!

Russell my friend, you hit it out of the park on this invention for us! Thank you brother, no more worries or frustration (or rather Anger) when dealing w/my mirrors. Now they go on & off so easily but yet are a perfect solid very strong fit w/absolutely NO vibration at all….I can actually see in my mirrors w/out the shaking like the previous inferior mounting system of BRP.

I use to dred taking the Tupperware panels off mainly because of how hard the mirrors were to take off & put back on w/the possibility of damaging the plastic mounts. Not any more Baby, These magic mirror mounts are Fantastic!!!